These are documents that can be used by Board members or any Emmaus Community member.

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First two documents are information material

Contributing to the Emmaus program
Please consider assisting with the spreading of the Gospel through Emmaus Ministries South Africa, by contributing financially per monthly debit order, No amount will be too small and will be greatly appreciated. Please download and complete the debit order form and return it to the EMSA Treasurer on   70% of your contribution will go the Emmaus Community of your choice.

Should you prefer to make a single or occasional donation please contact the EMSA Treasurers on for banking details

G-Suite Training Video
Below is a link to the short training session held for all Emmaus board members on how to get going with the G-Suite platform.
The recording started a bit late in the session, but you will only miss the introduction and nothing on the functionality part of the session.

Here is the recording of a simple G-suite training session for any Emmaus Board member i.e. for the EMSA board and for any of our community boards.