Our Mission is to strengthen the Southern Africa Emmaus Communities in their local efforts to effectively run an Emmaus ministry such as Chrysalis, Face to Face or Walk to Emmaus.

With the vision that through this support, Christians will be renewed and be more effective within their local churches and wherever they are.

Emmaus is neither competitive with nor a substitute for your own
church. Although the Emmaus programmes are unique and powerful instruments through which faithful people are renewed and inspired, it cannot provide the well-rounded programs such as education, evangelism, missions, and stewardship that are provided by an individual congregation. In short, Emmaus does not intend to become anyone’s “new church.” However, Emmaus does have a unique role in the life and ministry of the church in the church’s task of nurturing strong committed disciples compassionately serving Christ in the world. The unique role of the Emmaus programmes is spiritual renewal.

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