Weekend Events under Covid-19 Lockdown level 3
We have had a close look at the Government Gazette regarding the current lockdown measures implemented by the Government. With the restrictions in place we cannot host ANY weekend events ie: Walks, Flights or Face to Face. It is impossible to host a weekend event with only 50 people being allowed and therefore NO community may
host an event, until the Government amends these lockdown regulations. Once amended EMSA will review these new regulations and communicate the way forward accordingly.

Please note we align ourselves with the South African Council of Churches and they in turn align themselves with these government regulations, and we will not risk the relationship we have with them. We are a Christian Leadership Development ministry and are called to lead especially whilst in a pandemic.

Walks, Flights and Encounters.
In a previous mail I had suggested focusing on only one event this year and to do this well, this was purely a suggestion from our side. If, however, your community can run more than one event, and the legal regulations allow for this, please continue to run your planned events.